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“Hey Jackson, 

This is brilliant, you write so well. I am so so happy with it. Thank you so much.
I am a bit of a perfectionist so really struggle with things like this. The cover letter I sent you initially was actually written by another service that had been advertised by the nursing society at my uni. When I received the finished product it felt super impersonal and I did not like it at all – it felt like it was written by AI. I looked for recommendations to try and fix it and your service popped up a few times. I’m so glad it did. I know how important a cover letter is for grad applications and I feel so much more confident in my application now.
Thank you dearly for your help. I will absolutely be recommending your services to others in the future. Additionally, thank you for all the content and guidance you provide with The Nurse Break. I’ve followed it for years and have found it so helpful”
Alana P

3rd Yr RN Student, VIC

Jackson did an amazing job helping me to put my resume and cover letter together. Being a third year student and applying for grad years can be quite stressful, yet with his professional approach, knowledge and skills the process was super smooth and successful. Just few weeks after applying I have heard back from my favourite grad year and now waiting for my interview. Could not be more happy and grateful for his help. Highly recommend to everyone also struggling with their resumes!

Maria S

Grad RN, VIC

I had a wonderful experience dealing with Jackson/Nurse Break when I needed assistance with my Cover Letter and CV for a Clinical Nursing role. Jackson was very professional and provided feedback on my current CV. I am extremely thankful that the letter I received back had fit all of the criteria required and related to the role I was currently in as a Registered Nurse. I will definitely use Jackson’s service to for a Cover Letter and updated resume in the future. Thank you! Julia – RN IPN

Julia C

Clinical Nurse Manager, QLD

Jackson did a fantastic job at reviewing my resume, making modest yet powerful changes that allowed for a more succinct document. Jackson also took the time to write out two cover letters and I am extremely happy with how they turned out. Both cover letters refrained from generic statements, and instead utilised my personal experiences, skills and career aspirations. Once again I am very happy with this service, it was quick and professional.

**Few weeks later happy to hear Lillian got first preference at a prestigious competitive hospital in Melbourne including first preference rotation of NICU**


Grad RN, VIC

I am so happy with that! Sounds very professional and the results are amazing in such a short space of time. I am so glad I got you to do it, I’ll be sure to recommend friends to you in the future.
Thanks again and all the best

Donna T

ED Nurse, 16+ Years, SA

The CV and CL are amazing and I am extremely impressed with your fast and efficient work. I greatly appreciate for your help. I would definitely recommend my friends to use your service as I am really happy with the CV and CL and especially your quick service. Again, I appreciate your help.


Grad RN, ACT

If you need a clear, succinct CV, I can highly recommend Jackson at The Nurse Break. I have 42 years nursing experience with the last 12 years agency nursing and I was having difficulty abbreviating my experience into a clear, concise CV highlighting the important information that could catch a future employer’s eye. Jackson managed to create a great CV and cover letter. Great to find a young professional man with the same passion I have for nursing that could condense my nursing history. (addit: My agency consultant asked me who did it and I have passed your contact details onto my nursing agency so they can recommend you for their nurses. Thanks a million)

Desley B

RN 40+ Years

The nurse break are so professional and quick with their help! I cannot fault any of my dealings with them, highly recommend 🙂 



I am absolutely thrilled with what you have come back with and couldn’t recommend your services highly enough. I believe you would be entitled to charge more for what you have done. Thanks so much

John P


I highly recommend The Nurse Break for your resume and cover letter!
A quick, friendly and professional service. Great price point and worth it to get that extra edge on your application.
(*addition – few weeks later*: “You probably don’t remember but you made my resume and cover letter this year back in April. Just wanted to give a huge thank you as I have received a job at flinders hospital and have 2 other interviews for grad positions in different hospitals.
Really appreciate the work you did, thank so much again! 🙂

Ramneek B


Could not recommend Jackson’s skills more. He managed to take my previous mumbo jumbo of a resume and turn it into something that was concise, straight to the point and painted an accurate picture of my skills and what I had to offer. He was quick, professional and so easy to work with and gave me multiple options for different hospitals/graduate programs I were applying for. Don’t second guess yourself and just do it!



I was feeling completely under-whelmed by the resume and cover letter I had paid someone else to do after finishing my degree, however Jackson came to my rescue! Within minutes, he had re-focused me on how to improve my resume with guidance and had my resume and cover letter completely tailored to myself and made what I have done relevant, to the point and shine. Honestly – thank you so much!


Grad RN, QLD

Not long ago The Nurse Break redid my resume and cover letter. This application was successful and I will be starting with workforce in aprox 2 weeks time, so thank you! I highly recommend Jackson & The Nurse Break. As a registered nurse finishing my grad year, the prospect of putting together my resume & cover letters was overwhelming.  The Nurse Break took so much of that stress away with a very timely & professional service. I was successful in the job I applied for & have now used this service to make another application. I will not hesitate to use them again in the future.

Lisa M


I have been a nurse for over 30 years and have always done my own CV and cover letter. Recently Jackson did my CV and cover letter and it looks amazing!! He was very quick to reply and I think it was all done in about 48 hours. That was a draft for me to look over and the final version. To say I’m ecstatic with how my documents now represent me is an understatement. I would highly recommend getting The Nurse Break to help with your CV and cover letter.
Thanks so much Jackson very happy ????

Felicity C

RN 30+ years, NSW

The Nurse Break did an absolute fantastic job constructing a CV and cover letter for me. As a third year nursing student getting ready to apply for graduate positions unsure of what this might look like, Jackson filled in the blanks for me. I was very impressed with the fast, professional service. 100% worth it! Thanks so much!

Alanis G

3rd Yr RN Student, VIC

Do you need to Succeed in your nursing career? Then you require the professional services of Jackson! I sent my resume and cover letters through to Jackson, I can not stipulate how impressed I am with how he has molded my documents in a beautifully presented professional manner, and in such a small time frame! Jackson took away all the ‘gibberish’ and I was given a clear, concise and accurate account of who I am as a nurse, my skills and where my goals are headed. A huge thank you for your time, understanding and friendly interactions”. Libby

Libby M

RN, (MH/Forensics), QLD

Jackson did an amazing job at totally re-defining my resume and cover letter just in time for me to start applying for graduate nursing positions. I feel so much more confident in applying for graduate programs now that I have a professional and nursing-specific CV and cover letter! The service and communication was excellent and complete in less than 24 hours. I cannot fault the nurse break!

Adrian C

Grad RN, QLD

I am so happy with TNB service. Jackson did a great job with my CV and also gave me tips on how to make it stronger in future. The response was so fast and he basically did everything within 24 hours not to mention I applied on a Friday afternoon and got everything done by Saturday. I totally recommend TNB for any grads out there who want to build a professional-looking CV. Thank you so much

Praveen M

Grad RN, VIC

Jackson did an amazing job on my cover letter and resume for my Graduate Program applications. A seamless process I couldn’t be happier with. I would recommend Jackson and TNB to any healthcare professional looking for a superior CV and cover letter to have you standing out from the other applicants.

Sarah T

Grad RN, VIC

Jackson was super fast and efficient in getting my CV & cover letter completed and sent back, he had it turned around for me in less than 24 hours! The changes he made were concise, relevant and professional. Thank you so much!

Kristina M

Grad RN, VIC

Used this service for both a cv and cover letter. Very happy with results. Communication was great. Was asked some questions that jogged my memory about things that shouldn’t of been left out of my cv (but would have had i not used this service). And…I GOT THE JOB WOO HOO (Hospital in the Home)!

Perri A

ANUM / CNS 19+ Years, VIC

Great experience with The Nurse Break! Jackson has been a fantastic help fixing my resume that boost confidence in seeking competitive jobs. He was very responsive and made sure that I’m happy with the result. Highly recommended service.

Phon K

Student RN, NSW

Thank you so much for helping me out with my resume and cover letter. I also really appreciate your help with the selection criteria. I have got a phone/zoom interview with Mater Health. One step closer. Yay! Now I just have to get through the interview stage.

**she ended up getting the job as a MH nurse!**

Natasha W


Jackson did my resume and it turned out really well! I was unsure of how to handle 14 years of experience but he condensed it nicely into two well written, professional pages. Thank you to the team at Nurse Break!

Michelle L

RN, AUS/NZ/UK (14+ Yrs)

I LOVE that cover letter, it’s perfect and I honestly couldn’t have worded it like that so I really appreciate it.
You have a talent with words! The resume is perfect as well, exactly what I needed to consolidate everything for my (hopefully) future employers. Thanks so much, I really appreciate everything!


RN Grad, QLD

You are so amazing !!!!! How can I ever thank you enough for reviewing my resume and cover letter. I really appreciate that and love your work. I thought my documents were not that bad either but to ensure I can do better and having someone to proofread/check would be a great idea. You did a very good job, which boost my confidence in seeking a job. I cannot recommend Jackson highly enough.

He went above and beyond expectations for my resume and cover letter. The service was very easy and fast, I received my resume and cover letter in 1 day. The documents are so professional, great set out and highlighted the selection criteria. Very happy with the outcome of these stand out documents. Thank you so much for your help. Five Star

Sunisa M


Jackson did an amazing job at providing me with a resume and cover letter for my EEN graduate program applications, he provided me with a few extra sentences for different hospitals which were great and researched them! I will definitely be using his services in future! Thanks again!

Chloe L


Thank you so much for going over beyond for me. You gave so much direction in how to set out a professional resume and cover letter which gives me so much more confidence for the future. Thank you
Sophie M

RN Student, SA

The resume and cover letter service was amazing. A very prompt response with a high quality cover letter And resume, and guidance on what to add to make It stronger. I am confident this will help me in gaining future career opportunities!

Theresa M

Grad RN, QLD

Wanted to let you know, thanks to your amazing help I secured a grad year at my top preference hospital for 2023. I’ve just been granted my RN registration today so now it’s official party time! Thanks so much again for all your help.


Grad RN, VIC

Thank you so much for your help. I’m really glad to have found your service by accident actually. As you have seen from my old CV & CL, I’m hopeless in writing. I don’t know how I managed to get employed so far. What you have done for me is so much better than I could have achieved. I have no negative feedbacks for you. I really appreciated the advice you gave to put me onto the path of being seen as a suitable candidate.

Ivanic L

RN 6+ yrs, QLD

Thank you to TNB, Jackson was so nice and understanding and helped me with an amazing CV and CL. I was able to recieve my CV and CL in a few hours which was so efficient! Definitely reccommend.
Iman H

Grad RN, VIC

FB post to a group: “I got awarded an interview, but it’s on a video interview site with pre set questions…Oh, and a good tip – the nurse break did me a new resume, and it was amazing. I think I wouldn’t have stood a chance without it”


You are a LEGEND. How you managed to get all the info I had and more into 2 pages like that is pure genius

Student Nurse, VIC

Thanks so much I’m very happy with both resume and cover letter and confident I can tweak for different positions; but hoping I’ll get the ED position!
Amy D

Registered Nurse, WA

Just wanted to let you know I was offered an interview. Thank you for your help! 
Julia M

Grad Registered Nurse, ACT

Thank you! It looks so much better. I like how you’ve rearranged things. I feel like it’s a lot more readable now. I’ll definitely come back to Nurse Break come grad time. 

Jaimi C

Student Registered Nurse, QLD

Thank you Jackson for updating my resume and cover letter, they were very well written. I’d recommend The Nurse Break as they provide a professional and efficient service.

Former Registered Nurse, NSW