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Since starting in 2019, The Nurse Break’s team has steadily grown. We are always looking for enthusiastic & creative people to join us so please get in touch by emailing Jackson at to discuss this further. Students through to very senior clinicians are welcome to get involved and volunteer. More information on the role, commitment etc is available by contacting us via email.

The Team

Jackson | Founder and Nurse Educator of The Nurse Break

Hey there! I’m glad you’ve found your way through the website and onto the Meet the Team page! It hopefully means you’re enjoying everything the website has to offer and maybe you’re even looking to volunteer and help grow the platform! I’m a Registered nurse working across Australia in a variety of roles.

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Amber | Editor & Facebook Group Moderator

Hi all, my name is Amber and I’m one of the moderators and editors here at The Nurse Break! I began my nursing studies with ACU in Ballarat and now I am working in main theatre, as a scrub and scout nurse. Other than nursing, you can find me down at the gym or outside doing exercise, enjoying any type of food (literally any food ????), travelling and spending time with friends and family! I hope that I can do some postgrad study in critcare, obtain leadership and education roles and travel! My roles with The Nurse Break have seen me assist with some articles and live Q&As and I look forward to connecting with you all!

Mala | Editor and Marketing Assistant

Hi! I’m Mala from Brisbane and I’m a volunteer at The Nurse Break helping to put together articles. I’m currently doing a career change to nursing and have just started studying nursing at uni this year in a Masters degree (pre-registration). My undergraduate degree was in Business/Journalism and I worked in marketing and advertising for 4 years and travelled for 1.5 years.
P.S. The photo was taken in Nepal at Everest Base Camp on my travels where one of the mountaineers mistook me for being a Base Camp Doctor!! I’m looking forward to the day when I can be part of a team in helping to care for and save lives. 

Angela | Facebook Group Moderator

Hi guys. I’m Angela and a new moderator to this wonderful group. I graduated from UTAS in 1999 and am now based in NSW. I’m currently a nurse entrepreneur and academic tutor for UON, with a clinical background in Emergency Nursing, Clinical Facilitation and Health Regulation. I’ve worked nationally and overseas in a few different roles; and love spending my time mentoring and coaching nurses, with my area of interest being law and leadership. The Nurse Break is a great collaborative platform and I’m so excited to be part of this awesome project.

David | Facebook Group Moderator

Hi all, I’m David one of the new moderators. I have been nursing for approximately 44 years now and have recently retired from clinical practice, but continue to do some teaching. I have held a number of different positions over the years with the last 30 years in haematology and bone marrow transplant. As a hobby I collect nurses hospital badges, these are sadly no longer issued by hospitals. I am currently researching their history and have badges dating back to the 1890’s I love to see how nursing has changed over the years and am looking forward to seeing how this group grows.

Jess | Facebook Group Moderator

Hi Everyone, my name is Jess. I’m one of the existing moderators but I thought I would jump on and introduce myself to all the new members we have. I’m a Graduate RN currently, however have been a working EEN for coming up four years this year. I currently work Gen Med/ Surgical but have experience in Aged Care and pre emergency care through my volunteer work.

Amy | Editor

Hi everyone, my name is Amy and I’m one of the editors here at The Nurse Break! I’m currently working as a Registered Nurse in an adult/paediatric Emergency Department in Melbourne, having recently completed my grad year with rotations in outpatient haemodialysis and a surgical ward. While studying my degree I worked as an EEN in Aged Care for two years which was invaluable experience. In 2019, I participated in a nursing study tour to Vietnam which strengthened my interest in global health and emergency nursing. I have also been part of the Australian College of Nursing Emerging Nurse Leaders program for the past two years, which has driven my passion in nursing leadership.

Jacob | Facebook Group Moderator

Hi! I’m one of the new moderators. I’ve been an RN since 2016. Started out in ICU and pretty much stayed there since. With a few adventures along the way, including ED, recovery and the ward. From Auckland to Sydney, to regional WA and now settling slowly into Canberra over the past few years. I’m slowly making my way through post grad and it’s definitely a mental challenge that has enabled me to critique what I see around me. I’m a talkative person who generally will ramble and lose my focus on where I started, which means you may get info on a magnitude of things unrelated, both nursing and general.

Paola | Facebook Group Moderator

I started my training at St Vs Melbourne in 1983, and have worked in a few different areas since my grad year, including recovery room and Juvenile Justice (Turana- the best job ever). I did the Critical Care course at St Vs in 1990. Then worked in CCU there for the next 19 years. Have spent the last 12 years as a Practice Nurse and Nurse Immuniser. I’ve done some volunteering stints in the Pacific Islands (basic health checks) and hope to go back as soon as I can. Nice to meet you all.

Kath | Facebook Group Moderator

Hi everyone, my name is Kath and I’m a new moderater here. I’m an RN 6 in NSW working in ICU. My passions are ensuring holistic, person centered care and open, honest communication with patients and families in critical care. I also love supporting new grads and new staff and aim to be a positive resource anywhere I can. I look forward to participating more in this group.

Linda | Facebook Group Moderator

Hi , I’m Linda. I am Hospital trained from 1979 with degree conversion in the 1990’s and post grad Paeds. I’ve worked across critical care, ED, research , infection control but mainly Paeds & disability. I’m a nurse immuniser too. Been out with an NGO / disability and now back in NSW Health in two roles: CNS2 paeds and Specialist Clinician (intellectual disability). Love the education side of nursing, sharing stories and supporting others. This seems like a great group to be part of.

Tiff | Editor & Facebook Group Moderator

Hey team, I am Tiff and I’ve been a moderator on here for about 6 months. I strongly dislike writing little intros about myself ???? but here we go. I just finished my graduate year at the Alfred after spending a year on cardiac. I’ve now gone into pool for a bit as a little break from cardiac but also to be able to experience all the other specialities around the hospital. I have been volunteering for St John for 7 odd years and currently hold a regional officer role. I just recently joined Team Medical which provides medical assistance at motorsport events such as the F1 and Bathurst. Outside of that I’m currently on crutches and off work because of a skateboarding accident but mostly I’m actually super boring.

Karin | Facebook Group Moderator

Hi. My name is Karin, and I’m currently working in PACU in an amazing private hospital in Adelaide. My previous 12 years were spent working in iccu in private and public hospitals. I have a passion for mentoring, teaching and supporting all you amazing nurses and students out there. This is my dog Jax, who takes up most of my spare time. Oh and I’m a mad tragic port Adelaide fan.

Felicity | Facebook Group Moderator

Hi all, I started out as an EN in 1981 then started my hospital training in 1984! I have worked in lots of different areas over the years including remote and a stint in Alice Springs for nearly 5 years. I now work in the community and love it. I love my job and feel privileged to be a Registered Nurse.

Danielle | Facebook Group Moderator

Hi everyone, I’m Danielle, one of the new moderators. I have been nursing for 17 years, started off in the Community, then Midwifery, Paediatrics and now Emergency. I’m passionate about people-centred care teaching students and ongoing learning and education. My three year goal is to become a RAN (Remote Area Nurse).
I work in a small rural hospital with an awesome team of nurses and Doctors and also do Agency Nursing in the ‘big smoke’.
When I’m not at work, I am off doing things like Flyball with my dog, checking my beehives, kayaking or being a chauffeur to my teenagers

Ashleigh | Editor

Hello! My name is Ash. I am a 3rd year RN student, planning to specialise in Indigenous health once I graduate and have a bit of experience behind me! I have a previous BA in Journalism and a Defence logistics background, and I work as a PCA in an aged care facility whilst completing my degree. I am passionate about learning, personal and professional growth, and the outdoors- I enjoy rock climbing, scuba diving, hiking and long-distance running in my spare time. I love this platform and the connection and learning opportunities it provides for nurses at all stages of their careers. 

Ellen | Editor

Hi everyone, I’m Ellen one of the volunteer editors for the Nurse Break! I’m in my final year of my Bachelor of Nursing in Brisbane, currently working part-time as an AIN within Rehab and Stroke. I’m looking forward to starting a grad year and hope to work my way towards a position in ICU. In my spare time I am catching up with friends and family (love a picnic with wine and cheese!) or binging Netflix.

Maneet | Editor

My name is Maneet and I am a content curator on The Nurse Break. I am a 3rd year Bachelor of Nursing Student in Melbourne. I currently work as a Registered Undergraduate Student of Nursing in a regional hospital, which has enabled me to work in a variety of settings including ED, ICU, paediatrics and oncology. I am interested in perioperative nursing and hope to specialise in paediatrics/cardiothoracics. I love public health, especially socially accountable healthcare and I hope to dedicate a part of my career to humanitarian nursing. In my spare time you can find me with a book and a cup of warm tea or hiking with my sausage dog.

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