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The Nurse Break is one of Australia’s biggest nursing resources and communities. We aim to keep it free forever and create amazing content and resources. But we need all the help we can get and there are so many exciting ways to get involved regardless of how much time you can commit.

Be a bold and savvy thinker

Bring creativity & passion for nursing

Your availability & our flexibility

Currently 9 ways to volunteer

Teach & Educate

Experienced Clinician? Bring your wealth of knowledge to the Aussie nursing & midwifery community by creating educational CPD-style content.

Manage our Instagram *Priority Role*

We are looking for a saavy switched on individual to lead the growth and revitalisation of our instagram page!

Video & Audio Editor

Have video and / or audio editing skills? Help professionalise our podcast and LIVE Q&A’s.

Re-purpose Writer *Priority Role*

We have heaps of content such as podcasts (audio of our live Q&As). Help turn these audio interviews into a written article in a news style article such as here

Create Infographics

Bring your creativity to life and help create free posters and infographics to Australian nurses and students everywhere!

Editor & Publisher

Help come up with interview questions for guests, review and edit submissions and publish articles on the website. *Requires minimum 2 hours per week commitment* + experience in WordPress desirable.

Nurse Break & Nurses Collective Ambassador

Become an ambassador of both and also and help raise awareness online & in person such as dropping our pamphlets at universities or creating short videos.

Graduate Nurse & Student Leaders

We need a small group of highly switched on and engaging graduate nurses and student nurses to lead the creation and sourcing of writers for graduate / student related content.

Mentor & Advisors

If you’ve been following our journey since 2019 and are ALL ABOUT what Jackson has created and want to help mentor him to ensure we grow this platform the right way, reach out to us now!¬†


Contact us to get started or suggest another way to volunteer 

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  • An indication of your anticipated contribution¬†
  • Indicate why you’d make a good fit for our crew
  • Email a copy of your resume

What you get

  • Understanding of a nursing education blog, including potentially hands-on experience with WordPress, Google Analytics and digital media
  • Learn new skills, help grow the nursing community
  • Contribute to a innovative and young organisation
  • Develop networks through volunteering

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