Free clinical nursing posters for healthcare professionals to download

Here is a growing list of free nursing posters for nurses to place in staffrooms, the medication room and behind toilet doors!

We are always on the lookout for people to volunteer to make posters so please reach out to if you can share a poster you have made and we will place it here.

Nursing Posters

Dementia Communication: Losing the ability to communicate can be frustrating and difficult for people with dementia, their families and carers. Positive communication can help a person with dementia maintain their dignity and self-esteem. A caring attitude, the use of appropriate body language and maintaining the right environment are all important aspects of communication (Dementia Australia, 2014).

Sepsis Poster: Approximately 5000 people die of sepsis in Australia each year, the burden of death from sepsis is greater than the annual national road toll and sepsis causes more deaths than breast, prostate or colorectal cancer. There are on average more than 15,700 admissions for sepsis in Australia each year (Australian Sepsis Network, 2019).

Seizures: This poster focuses on what generalised seizures are, the initial response for health staff, and a mneumonic that is useful to remember the causes of seizures more generally. Seizures can often be unexpected and uncommon in many clinical areas, as a result, nurses will find this poster a good reminder of the 6 types of generalised seizures, causes and treatments.

DICE Debrief: a great interactive way to engage staff and students to encourage reflection after a day or week’s work/placement. Either roll the dice and work through all 6 or work through the 6 questions in that order. It is completely up to you how you facilitate this. It’s super flexible.

DD Count. Having to do the DD Drug count each shift can often be a slow process when you have lots of those tablets in slips/packets of 7 or 14. Make the process easier and quicker and print this poster off for the medication room.

Stroke Nursing. This a great list of reminders for nurses who care for stroke patients. Refer to local policy before changing your practice but these are well-established clinical pointers that all nurses should be aware of.

Violence in Nursing. It’s a reality we all face regardless of where we work. We asked our FB group for their tips and here they are, all in one place! There are some must-read gems in this poster.

6 C’s of Nursing. We are a great profession. We often struggle to explain to people what our roles actually involve. These 6 C’s are oversimplifying our complex roles however are a great reminder of who we are as nurses.