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Interviewing nurses and other health professionals from Australia LIVE on Facebook and Youtube. Ask your questions, interact live and watch it. Or come and listen to it as a podcast here after. Make sure to sign up to be notified of new episodes.

From one guest to many at the same time, our interviews are free and live on Facebook or Youtube allowing you to interact with guests and ask questions. The audio is then turned into a high quality podcast after!

Latest Episodes

Maternal, Child & Family Health Nursing in Australia The Nurse Break & Nurses Collective – Live Interviews

🎙️ Join us for a fascinating episode where Louise Wightman, Clinical Nurse Specialist and Chair of Maternal, Child & Family Health Nurses Australia, shares her journey into maternal, child, and family health nursing in Australia. We explore the evolution of this field, the unique challenges and rewards, and the diverse roles within it. Louise also discusses her experiences in rural and remote nursing, emphasising the significance of healthcare access in these areas. Discover key developments and initiatives in maternal and child health nursing and gain valuable advice for those interested in pursuing a career in this vital sector. Listen now to gain insights from a true nursing expert."
  1. Maternal, Child & Family Health Nursing in Australia
  2. Olympian, Rehab Nurse and Manager Rachael Lynch
  3. My patient is Deaf…now what? Caring for Deaf patients
  4. Occupational Violence & Aggression in Nursing
  5. Disaster Nursing Preparedness
  6. The Lifesaving Twin Sisters | Ambulance Paramedic and Emergency Nurse
  7. Nurse Midwife Mental Health and Wellbeing
  8. Graduate Nurse Program Panel Discussion
  9. Senior Nursing Lecturer – Behind the Scenes
  10. Agency Rural & Remote Nursing in Australia

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Jackson Heilberg

Registered Nurse and Founder of The Nurse Break. For more about Jackson go here

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