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The Breakroom is where we escape to take our breaks, hide from the buzzers, phone calls and at times…patients. As nurses and midwives….we have seen, heard and experienced some crazy shit…

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From hilarious and ridiculous patients encounters to nurses with a wickedly dry sense of humour or colleagues doing funny weird things, The Nurse Break want to compile a list of anonymous short stories from nurses and midwives: capturing when nurse/patient/doctor interactions were just too funny…or just so damn stupid…or anything in between…share your doozies with us.

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  • Ensure what you write would not in any circumstance identify the patient or colleague (if a very specific story) or yourself, if the people who were there were to read it. Don’t mention a particular hospital / health service names
  • Keep it shortish <500 words ideally
  • It needs to make sense and be written clearly! We may make minor grammar edits.
  • We will review all submissions before accepting them.
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