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Nurse within major ED department – Working frontline with COVID 19

ed nurse covid

The Covid 19 pandemic has felt surreal for most of us ED nurses.
The ED crew quickly realised how often we touch our patients for a good rapport and therapeutic relationships which is no longer possible to social distancing and make physical contact with fellow colleagues for support within the team. We have had to become far more creative with social distancing such as wearing fun coloured scrub caps for everyone to look at, engaging our patients in different ways other than physical contact and using verbal support; key to lifting each other up.

I have been so grateful for my team and the wonderful people surrounding me and all the extra efforts people are making, we as health care workers are much higher risk. Things like the fun scrub caps, people baking snacks, the boys doing MOVID 19 to lift our spirits and remain safe so they can get an adequate seal with their PPE, the ZOO live feed on multiple screens in the department, it makes me feel so lucky to be in such a wonderful team!

There has been a huge culture shift with things like scrubs only within the department, social distancing in the tea room and adjusting to every changing protocols and plans as the pandemic progresses. The pandemic is bringing out the best in people in that there is SO much education and upskilling preparing for the influx of people getting to know plan after plan. I have also enjoyed just having a bit of quiet time outside of work with no other commitments outside of work-life is going at a slower pace and it has been a great mental reset for me allowing me to prepare for what is to come. The world of the unknown has been the hardest part to navigate new policies and procedures coming in every day, change is always difficult but we are helping educate and assist each other.

My biggest wishes for the community is
1- Don’t panic
2- Utilise the COVID hotline as often as you need for questions
3- Don’t wear gloves all day! Wash your hands, please!
4- Stay at home and please social distance
5- Don’t be afraid to ask questions there are so many resources to get the answers you’re looking for and to assist you to be as comfortable as possible through this process
p.s Don’t steal personal protective equipment from hospitals – you are safe at home and we need it.

To all my fellow healthcare workers, orderlies, security and the rest of our beautiful community
Not knowing the answer right away is ok, don’t be afraid to ask your seniors, utilise hotlines and ask your family. Look after yourself, eat, don’t overwork and make sure you enjoy downtime while you can. We can all rely on each other for love and support! My also personal advice is to avoid the news and watch the live feed of the pandas at the zoo. we have them going in our department 24/7 and boy it lifts your spirits!