Nurse Mentors and & Career Coaching

For Up & Coming Nurse Leaders or Experienced Nurses looking for advice, guidance & direction
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What Exactly is Nurse Mentoring & Career Coaching? Do I really need it?

The Basics

Nursing is one of those careers that, if you’re not one yourself – you really can’t understand what we do. Making decisions that will move your career forward in a positive direction is often a stressful process due to the variety of roles that nursing can offer. If you want to be a CEO – it’s a possibility, the leader of 2000+ nurses – also possible. Select from a pool of vetted senior experienced nurses across Australia who has been in your shoes or the shoes you want to be in! 

Do You Need a mentor

Are you applying for that next big career step or unsure how to proceed?

Do you need a help with understanding your career pathway and options.  

Pivoting into a new clinical speciality and want to get mentored by a senior clinician in that field? 

Need help with interview preparation from someone senior in your field?

Stuck in your current situation and want an outsiders perspective who understands your speciality and level of seniority?

Or something else? 


Things You Could Get Help With










Need someting else?

From event speaking to group workshops and everything in between – The Nurse Break has the conections and network to find exactly who you are after for your event, graduation, speaking event.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

We give the opportunity for everyday nurses and nurse leaders to access respected and highly experienced nurses who are or have been NUMs, Chief Nurses, CEO’s, executives, senior board members, recruiting coordinators, and senior clinical nurses such as Nurse Practitioners.

How Do I Know if Coaching/Mentoring Is Right for Me?

Brush up on your interview skills, learn to leverage and market your skills for senior leadership positions, pick the brains of nurses who have been in the shoes you want to be in, brainstorm ideas, seek honest advice, plan out your career, seek guidance to ace the intricacies of a particular nursing role…and so much more!

How does pricing work?

The mentors/coaches set thier own prices, availability and services they are willing to offer. This means that you can pick and choose from their profiles to find the right fit for what you’re after both in experience, role and budget.

Do you offer a full application service?

Absolutely. For students and junior nurses, you should check out your applications page instead.  And for senior nurses, browse the list of coaches and see if someone meets what you’re after. If not, email us

Want to become a mentor or coach yourself? Express interest