Volunteer and Project Fees

Nepal Volunteering Payment

There is information and material about The Nurse Break and our volunteer projects in various different places online. Some of the sites that have information about The Nurse Break are out of our control, and may have contradictory material regarding project fees, program information, etc. For this reason, we are not responsible for any information about The Nurse Break, which is not listed on our own website. Regardless of what other sites may state, our project fees on this page our the most current and will apply to any individual looking to participate in our projects.

The Nurse Break is an organisation not connected or supported by any government or religion. We are completely independent. For this reason, a fee is required to participate in our volunteer projects. It costs a lot to provide proper support, all accomadation and food and international volunteer projects. However, we keep our fees as low as possible, and have one of the lowest, volunteer project fees offered in Nepal and the Phillippines