Eyeball Service / Second Set of Eyes for Grads & Junior Nurses *NEW*




The Eyeball Service is your final, crucial last-minute check by an experienced nurse before submitting your application. Perfect for those applying for important roles such as graduate nurse positions, postgraduate applications, or other critical job opportunities, this service ensures your resume and/or cover letter are ready to impress as we will review your documents, provide written feedback via email with some tips so you can go and make necessary changes to maximise your chances of success.
What the Service Includes:
Review: we will carefully read through your resume and/or cover letter, focusing on clarity, structure, and relevance.
Constructive Feedback: You’ll receive specific, actionable advice on how to improve any areas that need enhancement. Please note, that in some cases you actually won’t need to change anything as you did a great job (see below).
Tips and Advice: Helpful tips on how to better present your skills, experience, and qualifications.
Proofreading: A thorough check for any grammatical, spelling, or typographical errors to ensure your documents are professional and polished.
Formatting Suggestions: Recommendations on improving the visual layout and format to make your documents more appealing to potential employers.
What the Eyeball Service Does Not Include
No Edits or Formatting: The Eyeball Service does not include direct edits or formatting changes to your resume or cover letter. We will provide feedback and suggestions, but we will not make the changes for you. That is what our full service is available for as it will take significant time to craft you a customised document/s.
No Free Templates: We don’t offer out suggested templates for resumes and cover letters in this quick eye-ball service. If we think you need one, we suggest you purchase our full service as we customise your documents. Or we can advise where you can find free templates that will do the job also.
No Extensive Overhaul: For a complete rewrite or extensive overhaul of your documents, please consider our full resume and cover letter service. This eyeball service is intended for those who need a final check rather than a rewrite.
No Interview Guarantees: While we aim to enhance the quality of your documents and provide useful advice, we cannot guarantee that you will secure an interview. Job applications are subject to many factors beyond our control.
Brief Review Time: Given the low fee, this service covers the time it will take for our team to review your document and provide honest feedback and advice. It does not cover in-depth consultations or ongoing support.
Full Service Available: If you need more comprehensive assistance with editing, formatting, or creating your resume and cover letter from scratch, please explore our full resume and cover letter service options. The full service is our most popular option and is what most of our testimonials are written about.
Using the Eyeball Service, you can ensure that your documents are reviewed by an experienced professional, providing you with confidence and clarity before submitting your application.

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