Travel the world – nursing overseas

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From volunteering in rural hospitals in South America to Asia as a student or nurse, to working for NGO/Humanitarian organisations in vulnerable communities, to working as a nurse in resorts or on super yachts on the high seas. This post has a great list across all areas of overseas nursing.

One of the benefits of nursing is the ability to travel the world and provide care in far fetched places. Being able to do this might be one of the most rewarding opportunities you can undertake.

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This post lists overseas opportunities with a mix of volunteering, NGO/AID work, and some paid organisations. We haven’t really focused on companies that help you get work part or full time overseas, ie: working in the USA or UAE through an agency, instead focusing on the more NGO/AID/Volunteering areas of nursing.

Some are aimed at students, others at qualified nurses.

This list is not a full exhaustive list, but it’s pretty close! We figured these will get you started on your research journey.

If you know other great ones you’ve heard of, we would love for you to message us on Facebook or the reply button below and we can add them to the list!


By nursing overseas, you get to build skills, help diverse populations, work with colleagues who are equally dedicated to serving others, and build your professional portfolio.

But also, employers love it as it shows you are a global citizen, are resourceful and have cross cultural skills. One of the biggest benefits however is the ability to gain perspective and realise that we have it pretty amazing in the developed world.


Here you go (This list will be constantly growing – add a reply for something we missed!)

Know anymore? Please share 🙂