Indigenous Facemasks by Yarn.

The Nurse Break doesn’t normally go around suggesting a particular brand for something, but our Founder wore one of YARN’s NAIDOC Week shirts for one of his live Q&A’s and kept getting asked where he got it! They have some amazing products including masks. Walk around when not required to wear an N95 or Surgical Mask, with a 100% authenic Indigenous artwork mask. Ethically and Sustainably Sourced. Supports Indigenous Employment.


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indigenous facemasks

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Yarn is a non-Indigenous owned business with 35 culturally diverse Indigenous and Non-Indigenous team members, based in Brisbane (Meanjin). From luxury womenswear, to homewares to outdoor apparel, they offer it all. Yarn are passionate about showcasing authentic Indigenous artwork and stories so that all Australians can develop an understanding and appreciation of First Nations culture. 

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