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As an ED nurse my practice has altered slightly, as we have had to try and maintain social distancing. I am a kinesthetic type of person so to not offer someone comfort, hold a hand or cuddle a crying child, has been somewhat difficult for me. Often my co-workers and I debrief – especially if we have experienced sadness, shock or a sudden traumatic event and often that means a hug in our cohort. We are upskilling in a different emotional way!
To refrain physically means we have had to develop other ways to show our support and convey the warmth someone may require, and also apply this to patient-centered care. This has been a positive learning curve during COVID – amongst many other new skills we seem to be gaining at a rapid rate!

Anxiety and worry understandably exist amongst our team at this time, which brings a level of exhaustion with it. We have had to remain mindful and diligent with our PPE and my hospital has been remarkable in providing constant education and updates on how to handle this pandemic.

The negatives have been woeful to say the least, I was verbally abused on my way to work at Coles. This occurred even before the measures were put in place to refrain from wearing a uniform to and from my workplace. Anxiety about COVID has manifested in aggression and fear amongst our community which has been interesting at times. Just trying to smile my way through it!

People need to remember we have families too – some healthcare workers have elderly people at home to care for, immunocompromised people within their circle and small children. Hugging my kids and turning my face away has become the new norm – but this is not forever!