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Viral Sharing & One Click Entry

Once a user registers their social accounts, they’ll be able to enter the competitions in just one click on Nurses Collective socials & competition page. 

Reach more potential entrants with users able to refer their nursing friends with custom referral links. Supports 10+ ways to share. 

Level Up Your Engagement

Get as creative as you want

There are so many ways you can run a competition. Give people multiple ways to enter and get more entry points for completing ‘actions’

*Actions* are how entrants engage with the competitions through user-generated actions. These actions are performed by the entrant as they are incentivised to earn Competition entries or unlock instant win Rewards.

For example: subsribe to__, comment on this post, download ___, answer this question, follow on FB/Insta/Twitter/Spotify etc, submit a photo/video, retweet, share this post, visit out website, refer a friend and so many more!


Nurses | Midwives | Students | Healthcare Assistants

So many options

promote your event

Premium features

User Data, Gallaries, Secret Codes…

Receive access to the entrant’s email address and any other user data. Install a basic gallery competition, use sceret codes for entrants to input/find.

The big one!

Maximise the results

Purchasing ‘The Big One’ gives you:

9000 Emails: We have over NINE THOUSAND email subscribers! We will share the competition via email to each of them

URL Redirects: redirect users to a desired location once they complete the required actions in your campaign. This is great for gated content like Links or Downloads, except the user will be redirected automatically once they complete the required actions.

Access to powerful rewards options. Ideas include: 

  • Convert visitors into your social followers
  • Give coupons to your store visitors
  • Gives users a referral rewards when they refer a number of users to complete social actions
  • Increase your social following by incentivising downloads or bonus content
  • Offer a discount to collect customer feedback or testimonial
  • Offering a welcome gift to new subscribers in your mailing lists

And more…




Powerful Custom Options

This option opens up millions of potential combinations for your creative mind. Such as : ‘Leave a review’, ‘Enter the secret code’, ‘read this article’, ‘enter your order ID’ and more.

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The Nurse Break

 For all healthcare workers

Shared on Facebook, Competition Page, LinkedIn and more

Your competition is set up by us based on your input and advice. We share your competition on our socials and our competition page.